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Pergolas, Gazebos & Other Structures

Why not add a stunning useful feature to your outside space


If you enjoy a good sized outdoor space, you are likely spoiled for choice with things to do with it. A particularly good idea is to add an open-air structure to provide a shaded entertaining area during the summer months. These simple, yet effective buildings have been used for centuries and come in a wide variety to suit all gardens and landscapes. Most well-known are structures such as gazebos, pergolas.

Pergolas can usually be seen covering pathways between the different areas of a garden. These simple structures, make a great framework for climbing plants, helping it blend with your overall planting scheme.  Available in a variety of shapes and designs, pergolas are a great way to link your home to certain areas of your outdoor space, or to provide a simple covering to a patio area.

A gazebo is generally a free-standing structure.  It can provides shade and a lovely ornamental view to any space. The gazebo is often built in a tent shape, and provides welcome shelter from the summer sun or short showers.  Gazebos provide a lovely space to relax with a good book or to entertain friends and family.

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